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With Kate Greenaway and Lisa Hansberry 

2019 Programs

May 29 - July 3 

October 23 - November 27 

Sessions are live online.  All you need is an internet connection. 

A recording of each session is made available if you are unable to attend the live session.

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Really, it’s about keeping the mind present with the body which is conscious presence.


When our mind and body are together in this conscious presence,we can begin to understand the connection between our movements and our well-being.

It is very possible despite any physical or emotional condition to feel light and joyful in your body.

Presented by  Kate Greenaway, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapist and Physiotherapist and Lisa Hansberry, Esoteric Yoga Presenter and Esoteric Practitioner.


Esoteric Yoga and Connective Tissue Movements as modalities side by side are simple, supportive and practical.  So simple that anyone at any level of body awareness can join in and get something that will support them and their bodies in daily life.


The purpose of this six week program is to support reconnecting with our joy and appreciation of being in our body.


Esoteric Yoga and Connective Tissue Movement have a beautiful complementary relationship that supports our foundation of stillness and harmony in movement. The two modalities together allow us to deepen the quality of union within our bodies, through all our movements, and in everything we do.



The energetic pulse of the connective tissue is harmony, when we reconnect to this we are able to feel the lightness of our body and reconnect to the joy of being in our body. The way we move can either enhance the energy of harmony throughout the body, nourish and expand the connective tissue, allowing us to feel that joy as our bodies are more fluid and flexible. Or we can dampen that pulse of harmony and joy by hardening our connective tissue which then causes tension and compression in our body.

Esoteric Yoga invites us to reconnect and supports us to feel deeply at ease with our body. It helps us to feel our natural stillness which can be a foundation for all our movements in everyday life. In this way Esoteric Yoga supports a higher quality of movement which helps bring back the joy and lightness of truly being in our body.

It is very possible despite any physical or emotional condition to feel light and joyful in the body

The Esoteric Yoga & Connective Tissue Movement (EY & CTM) programs provide a playful and practical way for us to connect more deeply with our body and the natural harmonious energetic flow that is within us all.

The modalities together are a powerful support for the body. Providing a simple guide to remain in union (yoga) in our day to day lives. 

Esoteric Yoga & Connective Tissue Movement

Program Presenters

Kate Greenaway

BAppSc(PT), Post. Grad. Dip.OccH(PT)

Kate has been working in Physiotherapy for over 30 years. For many years her focus has been on the connective tissue (CT) with Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy for people with complex chronic pain. Kate is passionate about supporting people to return to their naturally vital, flexible pain free bodies. Kate works in a busy complementary Healing Clinic, Universal Medicine in Goonellabah NSW, her work is sought after by clients from all over Australia. She does skype sessions for overseas clients. Kate presents on body awareness and Connective Tissue Movement nationally.

Lisa Hansberry

BEng. Dip.Yoga

For the last 15 years Lisa has presented yoga and exercise classes,  practiced healing and health modalities directed and run health retreats and promoted a healthy lifestyle. Lisa’s focus and loving dedication is with Esoteric Yoga and its power in allowing us to stop and connect to the deeper aspects of ourselves through the body. 

Lisa combines Esoteric Yoga with gentle exercise classes supporting people to maintain musculoskeletal balance which allows an expansive fluidity in all movements. Which is important for a healthy vital life.

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