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Autumn/Spring Equinox

March 23-25, 2020

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AUTUMN/SPRING EQUINOX - 3 Day Program - March 23-25 (AEDT)

WESAK FULL MOON - 6 Day Program - May 2-7 (AEDT)


JUNE FULL MOON - 3 Day Program - June 4-6 (AEST)


SPRING/AUTUMN EQUINOX - 3 Day Program - September (TBC)


SUMMER/WINTER SOLSTICE - 3 Day Program - December 19-21 (AEST)

The Esoteric Yoga programs for 2020 are aimed at honouring the movements of the planetary cycles and our undeniable connection and influence from this. 

The March program is programmed to align with the Autumn/Spring equinox (depending on which hemisphere you are living in - south or north respectively. 

The equinox and solstice are the true changing of the season. In the change of season we also have a change in energy that is here supporting us to be in harmony with the expansion of the universe. The movement into the Autumn/Spring equinox in March is a movement into the cycle of motion, a time to initiate those deep rumblings, to take action on the ideas and projects that have been stirring within you. The movement into the Summer/Winter solstice is a movement into repose, confirmation of your path, settlement and appreciation for all that you have moved through. 

It is very supportive to undertake a program during this time to reflect on what has been and what is coming up for you. To take the time in stillness to feel the subtle messages that can go unnoticed. 

Join us in this program and make the space for yourself to connect and feel/confirm those deep rumblings and see them clearly. 



Live Session Dates/time - AEST

Session 1 - 4.45am - 6:00am - Monday 23rd March  

Session 2 - 5:00am - 6:00am - Tuesday 24th March

Session 3 - 5:00am - 6:00am - Wednesday 25th March

Program Cost - $50 AUD - payable by PayPal or bank transfer - See below for details.

Location - Online via Zoom (link provided on booking)

Presenter - Lisa Hansberry - for information on Lisa see Here

How to book into the program....

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3. Complete payment via the direct link to PayPal below or email Lisa at for bank transfer details.

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