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I Understand and Agree That: 

  • Lisa Hansberry is not liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with my participation in an ESOTERIC YOGA  session, now or later, including but not limited to personal or any other loss or damage caused to me while participating in an ESOTERIC YOGA  session.

  • I agree to indemnify Lisa Hansberry against all claims or liability whatsoever in respect of personal injury or any loss or damage caused to me arising out of or in connection with my participation in an ESOTERIC YOGA  session. 

I Acknowledge, Understand and Agree That:


  • If I should have any injury, disease, disability, mental health or other concern about my health or well- being, now or later, I will consult my GP or other healthcare provider first before I participate or continue to participate in an ESOTERIC YOGA session

  • If I experience any pain or difficulty during the ESOTERIC YOGA  session, I will stop immediately, advise the presenter and consult a doctor.

  • My participation in any ESOTERIC YOGA  session is at my own risk. 

  • Esoteric Yoga is not recommended for those who have been diagnosed with a mental illness. On booking into this program I agree that I have not been diagnosed with a mental illness.

I certify that by completing the booking into this program I have understood and agreed/consent to the above terms. 

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Universal Medicine Therapies – Disclaimer:

The material on this website is based upon the principles of The Ageless Wisdom which offers an energetic understanding of life. Any references to science are references to energetic science as presented by the Ageless Wisdom, and not to evidence-based science in mankind’s modern era. Any references to specific aspects of Medicine are to illustrate the relevance of energetic wisdom, as presented by the Ageless Wisdom, in the interplay of bodily illness and disease rather than contradicting the current theories of disease causation or in any way to replace epidemiology. The principles conveyed on this website, and their application in the therapies applied in this clinic, whether in person or via online delivery, are philosophical and religious, and thus are not verified within the evidence-based rationales and critical appraisal process of evidence-based science including CONSORT2010 compliant double blind randomised controlled trials. 

The therapies practised in this clinic are based on the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and thus, in line with those presentations and teachings, they do not diagnose, treat, prevent or offer any therapeutic cure to any disease or illness, are complementary-to-medicine and are never a replacement of or alternative to conventional medicine. If you have any question or concern about the cause, diagnosis or treatment of any disease or illness, you should consult a registered medical practitioner.

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