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Esoteric Yoga gives us the space to be truly still and from that stillness, connect. 
Which is a truly beautiful thing.

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The ancient  Kings, Queens, gods, philosophers, scientists, priests, priestesses, and the people, revered the movement of the sun the moon and the stars. The was a connection to this great universe that we live in that was honoured, trusted and lived by.


Join this intensive program to reconnect to this honouring and find what these movements of the universe mean for you.

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In a world that is fast paced, driven to achieve, succeed, be someone, do something, go somewhere, are we missing how to simply be our amazing ourselves?

Esoteric Yoga is based on the principles of yoga from the ancient times, Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

It supports us to live a life from our inner-most and heart-felt.

Valuing the space to be truly still and reconnect to who we are and what life means to us.

Which is a truly beautiful thing. 

About Esoteric Yoga

The Yoga of Stillness.

Esoteric Yoga offers very simple movements that focus on the quality of the movement. It develops our awareness of the quality of stillness. It can be done by anyone.


Esoteric Yoga is a modality that allows us to take the time to be with ourselves and our body in a space that has no expectations, no drive, no needs, nothing but you. 


The quality of our movements influences the way we move, what we think and how we feel in our day to day lives.


Through Esoteric Yoga we can develop a way with ourselves that honours the physical, mental or psycological  and energetic bodies which can bring understanding and awareness of the relationship between the way we live and our health and well-being.


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Esoteric yoga is based on the work of Serge Benhayon



Stillness is a beautiful space to be *

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