Listen to the sound of your bodies beautiful song...

Esoteric Yoga

Esoteric Yoga gives us the space to be still and connect. 
Which is truly beautiful

Upcoming Online Programs

To find out more about the March Equinox Program



AUTUMN EQUINOX - 3 Day Program - March 23-25 (AEDT) - BOOKINGS OPEN

WESAK FULL MOON - 6 Day Program - May 2-7 (AEDT)


JUNE FULL MOON - 3 Day Program - June 4-6 (AEST)


SPRING EQUINOX - 3 Day Program - September (TBC)


SUMMER SOLSTICE - 3 Day Program - December 19-21 (AEST)

Esoteric Yoga &

Connective Tissue Movements 

Programs for 2020

Program 1: Four Week Program - 22 January - 12 February

Program 2: Six Week Program - 1 July - 5 August

Program 3: Six Week Program - 4 November - 9 December


In a world that is fast paced, driven to achieve, succeed, be someone, go somewhere, do something.  Are we forgetting how to simply be?

Esoteric Yoga is based on the principles of yoga from the ancient scripts, Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

Supporting us to connect, deeply, and be who we are. 

Which is a truly beautiful thing. 

Esoteric Yoga Online

The Yoga of Stillness

Listen to the sound of your bodies beautiful song.

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