• Lisa Hansberry

Is Your Being Well?

How do we know if our body and being is well or not?

The word ‘Well-being’ is everywhere, in every newspaper, magazine and health related marketing and social media around. But what is it, really?

As a general populace, we say that we do things for better health and well-being, like go for a walk, do some exercise and eat healthy food. But do we actually connect and feel what our well-being is? Do we have a marker of what well-being feels like or looks like in our own body?

Well-being is an all-encompassing concept of health that includes our mental or psychological outlook, our physical health and our connection to our soul (mind, body, soul).

If we can make the space to be still, connect, and feel, it is possible to get a sense of these three aspects of ourselves, mind, body and soul.

We can focus our mind on the different areas of the body and feel. Is there pain? Does one area of the body feel a bit odd? Does one area feel normal, and what is that normal?

We can watch the activity of our mind and observe where thoughts go and what quality of thoughts pass through the mind. Is it active and jumping from topic to topic? Is there focus and purpose? Is it filled with images from entertainment or fantasies?

We can also feel the energy of our being, the soul. Does the being feel light? Do we follow and live within the cycles of life? Do we feel a purpose? Do we think from the heart?

We can get a sense of how the body is feeling and where our being is at just by listening. And this is not to say that there is any right or wrong way of feeling, but that we canfeel and we do know what a healthy mind and body feels like andwhether there is connection to the soul.

All we need to do is to make the space to connect and feel. From this we can get a sense of what our current marker of well-being is.

Esoteric Yoga is a supportive and effective modality that can help to bring ourselves into this space where we can feel our body, ourselves, and get a sense of the marker of our well-being. Through simply being with ourselves, in stillness. Feeling, recognising, acknowledging, what the body feels like, in honesty and truth. Feeling the movements of our body and allowing what is there in the body to be revealed. It is such a beautiful thing to do.

How do you feel in the body and being? What is your current marker for well-being?

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