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The Gift of Stillness

Updated: Oct 7, 2017

Esoteric Yoga - The Gift of Stillness

Stillness is our natural state of being.

And yet do we really know what it is?

Have we really felt what an amazing gift it is to be imbued with the quality stillness?

We could easily think that stillness means not moving or making any noise, like sitting quietly in a chair or hiding behind a tree. However, stillness means much more than lack of movement, being calm, quiet or relaxed. It could be likened to the movements of the planets and stars in the night sky that rhythmically and endlessly circle together around the sun.

Stillness is a movement of energy living within all of us that holds the divine qualities of the universe.

We know that the universe has a predictable, cyclic and rhythmic, way of being that is seemingly still, and yet we know it is actually moving around and around the same point. If we look at the planets, stars, moon and even the sun, we can feel that there is more to these divine creations than just what the eye can see. There is a magical energy up there that emanates mystery, knowledge and an ancient knowing. There is something exquisite about the night sky that tells us there is more to the sparkly passing’s than just a movement in the night.

We could say that the universe above us is moving in the rhythm of stillness. There is no rush, no delay, it is moving in perfect constellation. The stars are a part of our natural world and are obedient to its cycles, moving with beauty and grace. They cannot but confirm to us that they are part of a grand divine universe and therefore, so are we.

The planets and stars reflect the quality of stillness and the amazing magnificence and enormity that we come from.

Like the stars, planets and sun, our body also has a rhythmic, cyclic manner that can be impulsed under this same cyclic energy. It has a natural order and balance within its physical and physiological systems, like the harmony of the planets and stars revolving around the sun. It is through connecting to the quality of stillness that we can feel this same universal magnificence within ourselves.

Esoteric Yoga is a modality that supports us to reconnect back to this innate and natural way. A quality that lives within us yet we seem to live so far away from it.

Stillness is the greatest gift we can allow from within.

It is a quality that confirms the divine, natural, beautiful, and soulful connection to ourselves and all that the grander universe is.

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